Ease of Liquidity

Ease of Liquidity

Commercial Real Estate Investment or investment in REIT in India is a safe and effective investment because CRE in India is ever-growing and expected to contribute nearly 13% of the country’s GDP by 2025. Fractional investment or fractional ownership is the new trending real estate development in CRE. This concept is about a group of investors pooling in money to buy a premium commercial real estate property.  All the investors in the scheme get to enjoy all the benefits of it. Now, with a few like-minded investors and upcoming REITs in India, even the top commercial property for investment in India is accessible to small-time investors, which used to be privy to only the ultra-rich individuals and companies.

Below are a few unique features that make fractional investment stand out from the other commercial real estate investments.

Risks involved with fractional investments are minimal

Possible to invest in fractions or portions

Best way to invest in highly-priced premium properties. 

Earn a monthly rental yield- Profitable investment with a regular income

Long-term appreciation of a stable asset

Diversify investment across multiple properties in multiple locations.

Low portfolio risks 

The fractional investment makes institutional-grade commercial assets accessible to individual investors. YieldAsset is a safe and secure platform that brings hassle-free fractional investment to you. It is the best place to go if you want to invest in commercial real estate online. Fractional Investment guarantees greater liquidity and risk mitigation when compared to other traditional commercial real estate investments. YieldAsset has an efficient team of industry veterans to provide the most effective yields, cash flow, and security. Attaining both short-term and long-term wealth is possible with fractional investment in commercial real estate.  

YieldAsset brings you high rental yields by choosing the best of available Grade-A assets and tenants. Investing across multiple properties in multiple peak locations lowers the risk associated with commercial real estate investment.

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